Use the trendy neutral to full effect in your kitchen

While pristine white kitchens have been popular for at least a decade, grey is now the new white according to industry experts, with architects and designers from all over the world embracing this trendy tonal hue. This neutral is one of the most versatile shades out there, as it can be used in a multitude of ways to enhance your kitchen’s style. Here are some designer favourites:


Industrial fixtures in classic styled kitchens such as this table lamp found in Katrine Martensen-Larsen’s kitchen. (c)

Complement a grey backdrop with bright accents. As you would do in any space, a neutral base, such as grey, is often best used as a background for touches of vivid colour and bold prints. Dining chairs upholstered in trendy fabrics or a splashback created with brightly coloured tiles are obvious ways to add bold accents to a grey kitchen.

Let the quality materials do the talking. When using premium materials like marble and rich natural timbers, contrasting colours can be a distraction. To ensure your luxurious finishes remain the focal point of the kitchen, maintain a simple palette of grey and other neutral tones.

Pair a grey kitchen design with matching (or contrasting) appliances. With a multitude of finishes available, it’s clear that appliances are no longer just functional fittings – they’re part of the design, too. Stainless steel is of course the ideal option to maintain a streamlined look. On the other hand, popular retro-style appliances like stand mixers, toasters and ovens in classic shades can be a welcome addition.


This off-white grey sink stone paired with the grey faucet from Steininger’s Block range complements the sink with a neutral base. (c) steiningers.designers gmbh

Use lighter shades of grey in small spaces for an open look. Though white is often considered the fail-safe colour for visually enlarging a small space, pale grey can produce the same effect but in a more interesting way. Unlike white, grey is a less sterile option and much more forgiving when it comes to showing common kitchen stains. Choose a red-based grey such as a mushroom or taupe to give a north-facing room or darker space warmth.

Brighten up a grey kitchen with smart lighting. While many designers have adopted the ‘grey is the new white’ line, the colour can be perceived as cold, which is why lighting is key. Fittings that contrast with the kitchen style will provide added interest and act as a focal point. For example, in a contemporary kitchen, choose a show-stopping chandelier (go antique for added panache), while in a classic-style kitchen, industrial fixtures like factory lights and filament light bulbs will instantly turn it into a trendier space.


This beautiful grey base used in the cabinetry lacquer goes hand-in-hand with the use of premium material such as rich timber, providing a distraction. (c) kvanumkø

A non-intimidating neutral that looks great in virtually any kitchen setting – big and small, traditional and modern – grey really is the ideal colour that any homeowner will be comfortable with using in their kitchen.