It’s a small kitchen appliance with infinite capabilities

You’ve got the professional coffee machine and it brews your favourite blend like a dream. Somehow however, the final result never smells or tastes as wonderful as it does at your favourite bistro. What do the experts know that you don’t?

Any barista will tell you it’s all about freshly ground beans. It doesn’t matter how quickly you consume your favourite coffee, after it is ground the intensity and quality of the flavour and aroma seeps away. The only way around this is to invest in a grinder. A good grinder is able to freshly grind coffee to very precise particle sizes necessary for good extraction. Often, grinders are the rock stars of the coffee-making process. Though, when you look at the prices and gargantuan sizes on offer, it will likely become clear why you never invested in one until now.

The Grundig CM 3260 Coffee Grinder has enough power for a range of tasks

The Grundig CM 3260 is a small appliance with big power and plenty of uses. In terms of bean grinding, with the CM 3260 you can expect bistro-level quality coffee every morning. Two cups in fact! The grinder can process up to 55g of beans. Its transparent cover will allow you to see exactly when your beans are ground to perfection – whether you need a course grind for a hand filter, or fine grind for an espresso. Furthermore, it’s lightweight and comfortable to use. The CM 3260 can be operated with just the touch of your finger.


The Grundig CM 3260 Coffee Grinder – big power and plenty of uses. © Grundig

In terms of kitchen multi-tasking, a coffee grinder is a gift from the small appliance gods. Anything that needs quick grinding can be managed with the CM 3260. Want to grind your very own spice blend? Do it in the grinder. Hate store bought breadcrumbs? Make them at home in the grinder. Ready to prepare your own dry herbs for winter? Put them in the grinder.


Operate with just a touch of your finger. © Grundig

The stainless steel bowl and fly cutter are easily cleaned after each use and stainless steel won’t retain the aromas of spices and herbs that might affect the flavour of your coffee. If you were ever under the impression that you needed many expensive appliances to handle each niche job in the kitchen, the CM 3260 is a great value item!


The stainless steel bowl and fly cutter are easily cleaned. © Grundig

Oh, and it also has good looks to boot! Part of the Grundig Black Sense series, it is another in a long line of iconic small appliances from the brand. With its glossy black body, stainless steel detailing and cable rewind feature, you’ll have no reason to put it in the cabinet once your morning cup is brewed.

It’s clear that nothing improves the quality of your coffee or espresso as much as the addition of a good grinder to your kitchen. And in the CM 3260, you’ll have a hard time finding a better morning companion. Here’s to the aroma!