Kitchens with only one colour are anything but bland

It seems like for forever, kitchens have been designed to incorporate at least two contrasting colours. White has always been seen as the go-to colour kitchen colour, primarily because it’s a colour that never goes out of style and it brightens up any space. Then, many owners tend to go for a darker shade, like greys, to balance the space out. Designers also tend to fancy wood finishes because of its classic look and warmth. And it’s true – carefully selecting two (or more) complementary colours can have a wonderful effect in the kitchen – a space in balance.

Yet in 2018, one trend is breaking the mould. Things have slowly started to change, as homeowners embrace a unique new look to that’s creating a stir in the design world: the one-colour kitchen.

From dark kitchens to lighter alternatives, the one-colour kitchen is an emerging trend that’s picking up steam quickly. When you think about it, it’s an option that makes kitchen design decisions pretty straight-forward. When you’re selecting your materials and paint combinations, simply stick to the same colour throughout. Just make sure to select a hue that’s easily applied to many different applications.

To explore this uniform new trend, we’ve put together a gallery of images to spark your imagination.