Great sound has a new shape with the Grundig FineArts MR 4000 Wireless Speaker

Enjoy music throughout your home with Grundig’s new portable multiroom speaker. Whether in the living room, dining room or even in your kitchen – this innovative new speaker brings perfect sound quality to every single one. Easily connect one or more FineArts wireless speakers to your mobile device via WiFi or Bluetooth – and listen to the same, or different tracks on each speaker. You can connect up to 30 speakers! And with its brushed aluminum finish, the Grundig FineArts Multiroom speaker looks just as good as it sounds.

© Grundig


  • 40w RMS output power with 2-way speaker system
  • Google Cast™
  • Spotify Connect™
  • High Definition audio & playback
  • More than 30.000 internet radios available
  • Rechargeable battery with up to 4 hours of playback time
  • Docking station for easy charging
  • Wi-Fi®
  • Bluetooth®
  • Aux-In
  • Connectivity for up to 30 devices

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